by wootbot


It's about winning.

Okay, so rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock, and chainsaw beats everything, but if you use chainsaw on someone, he gets nubs to use in the next round, and nubs beat everything because, you know, pity.

However, if you're beaten by someone with nubs you get charity points, and if you save enough charity points you can buy a foundation, and if you use a foundation it means that everyone needs to donate whatever they throw down - scissors, rock, paper, chainsaw, or nubs - to your cause, which means they lose the round but get double charity points to put towards building a rival foundation, which they can use to get back their moves from rounds previous.

Of course, nobody plays with any of these moves, though, because everyone knows that the real way to win at everything in life is with a reference to a cult classic horror comedy.