Guess Who, Science Edition

by wootbot

Giants Standing On The Chest Of You

Oh man, oh man, I bet I can name all of them. Let's see…

First off you've got Carey Mulligan from Great Gatzby. That's an easy one. To the right of her looks like Paul Giamatti. Yup, nailed it. I'm pretty hazy with my Reconstruction-era presidents, but I'm pretty sure that's Rutherford B. Hayes. Then Rod Serling. Oh! Oh! Hugh Grant. 

All right, next row: David Cross, that guy from Game of Thrones -- Mance Rayder. Kenny G. Oh man another president? I don't know…Chester A. Arthur. And then Encino Man with a mustache, obvs. 

I think that's the fancy guy from the East Coast who gets killed in the first season of Deadwood. Then one of the Thompson Twins. Fred Willard. Skrillex with a beard. And the bad guy from The Princess Bride. 

Next row! The Prime Minister of England. Jimmy Fallon's dad. Barack Obama as a college intern. Louis CK. Shakespeare. Janet Reno. Boooom. 

Grizzly Adams. Whoa -- I donno, the King of England? And finally, uhhh…help me out here…DANGIT I WAS SO CLOSE.