Happy Birthday to Us! Shirt.Woot Turns 4.

by Randall Cleveland

Just four short years ago Shirt.Woot was born into the world just like anyone else: naked, screaming, and covered in fluids. And, like any spoiled brat, we're turning our one day of celebration into a whole week! What's that mean for you? Lots of cool stuff, like...

  • A special stand-alone sale featuring our Limited Edition Fourth Anniversary Shirt, designed by longtime Woot pal Dan Zettwoch!
  • Four days of 4th Place Finishers! Our editors will be combing through Derbies of old to print their favorite shirts that finished in fourth place. Will the upstarts once denied by the masses make a splash in The Reckoning? Time will tell!
  • Our Four-themed Derby is up and running already! If you haven't checked it out, our weekly t-shirt design contest is in full swing. Stop by The Derby and vote for your favorites so that they might print. Or, if you're feeling particularly creative, submit your own design!
  • Even more Four-Centric updates and content! Keep your eyes on the Shirt.Woot blog for updates all week!

So join us this week as we celebrate four years of puns, pop culture riffs, art, and general geekery while looking forward to at LEAST four more. 

And seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks very much to everyone in our Shirt.Woot community. All of you, from the most popular designers cranking out quality designs week in and week out to the broke students lamenting their lack of $10 in the forums, make this place what it is. And we like to think it's a pretty cool place. Happy Birthday!


*"Limited" in the sense that once it gets Reckoned, it's gone. Just like every other shirt we sell.