by wootbot

The downside of having a pet dinosaur is you become "that crazy guy with the dinosaur."

2nd Place in Derby #278: Choose Your Own Art-Venture, Editors' Choice!

I don't know man, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I get it: a dinosaur is a totally insane pet, a definite conversation starter and all that, but it's a pretty big commitment, right? I mean, how long do they even live? You've got to feed 'em and clean up after 'em and that's fine when it's a tiny hatchling but eventually this thing's gonna be what, three, four feet high?

I hear they're pretty high energy, man. Your house is gonna be constantly trashed. Say goodbye to having nice furniture. And what about vacations? Who's gonna take care of a theropod?! Remember Janet? Remember when she got that parrot, and first we were all like, "Cool, the parrot talks!" and then a couple months went by and she was showing up to parties with it on her shoulder and everyone was kinda freaked out about it? It's gonna be like that, man.

But with a dinosaur.

Wear this shirt: In the face of the overwhelming odds that you'll never actually get a pet dinosaur.

Don't wear this shirt: To the bird house. You might give them ideas.

This shirt tells the world: "Yes, that is a tiny reptile in my pocket- Hey, where are you going?"

We call this color: Jurasslate Park