Headless Horseman

by wootbot

A Pitch

Tim Burton, eat your heart out.

Okay, the whole town of cupcakes is being tormented by this headless cupcake, right? But here's the thing: there's a twist. It's not a headless cupcake! It's a headless MUFFIN!

But here's the second twist: He's not headless. He's just undercooked, so he doesn't rise very far out of hiss wrapper.

And here's the third twist: the undercooked muffin actually has a heart of gold, and he doesn't want to kill all the cupcakes but is forced to by his evil step-aunt, a cheese danish.

But bam, fourth twist: the muffin HASN'T been killing all the cupcakes. He's been pretending to kill the cupcakes, and then taking them to a secret cave in the woods so the evil cheese danish will think they're dead.

Another twist: it was all a dream.

Another twist: or was it?!?

Final scene: one of the cupcakes spins a coin to see if he's dreaming or not. The coin keeps spinning like it does when he's in a dream, but maybe it's going to stop, maybe it's faltering?!

Then: blackout, credits.

And the whole thing would only cost about 89.5 million to produce. So, what do you say studio executives?

Wear this shirt: if you're feeling sleepy and/or hollow.

Don't wear this shirt: because you want to cover your icky bod. How many times do we need to tell you: you're beautiful.

This shirt tells the world: "Cuteness and horror can coexist!"

We call this color: "Hello? I heard horse hoofs, but when I look into the night, I don't see anyone a-brown-d!"