by wootbot

Say My Name

Broiling meat over flames is about… transformation.

When you start, you just wanna make a couple bucks. You know, just feed your family. You can make burgers, so why not, right? Even still, you won't ever compromise on quality. Your burgers are your signature. So you create a mascot and you keep your real name hidden. But you could walk away whenever you want.

Before long, people start to credit your persona with everything. Maybe one day the fried chicken place across the street takes notice. That crown on your head, it starts to become your identity. You'd do anything to protect it. You find a good lawyer and tell him your real name. He helps you make a deal with the croissant people to ensure you never have to worry about breakfast again. They handle the distribution. You just stay in the back and cook and cash the checks. It's all you've ever wanted, right?

But then you get scared. Are your burgers being overshadowed? Are you just another employee? Before long, every day is a battle of wits. Do you team up with BBQ Sauce and bacon cartels in secret? Is it worth tying your fate to the wildcards in the Smoothies compound? Should you hijack a shipment of Pepper Jack? And, most importantly, does your partner Wendy know enough to cut you out of the business completely?

Heavy lies the head that wears the crown. But, in the end, it doesn't matter who you hurt or what you did. They'll never care about the man you were. But they'll never forget the king you became.