Here Be Dragons

by wootbot

Listen up

1st Place in Derby #350: The Renaissance, with 257 votes!

The english language is annoying because so much stuff sounds like so much other stuff. The phrase, "Here be dragons," for example, is often confused with these other similar-sounding sayings:

Ear, be dragons: a command to the ear to become a dragon, oftentimes given in vain.

Here be drag ents: means, "here are some tree-people dressed in clothing traditionally suited for the gender opposite to their own."

Here bee, dragons: an exclamation made by someone to his or her pet bee concerning the discovery of dragons.

Heer be, dragons: a drunk person, slurring his or her words, requesting another beer from the bartenders, who are both dragons.

Here, Bea Dragons: someone trying to discuss actresses from the show, Golden Girls, while his or her mind is clearly elsewhere.

See, super confusing. So be sure to listen carefully.