Hidden Wolf

by wootbot

It's all coming up Wolf!

2nd place in Derby #289: Literary Classics, Editor's choice.

The wolf is everywhere. He's on the ground, in the sky, in the forest, in the trees themselves. It's him, the same wolf, in Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs and White Fang and Peter and the Wolf and a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and Never Cry Wolf and Twilight and the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

He is all three wolves in the Three Wolf Moon shirt. He is the wolf that inspired Wolf Parade and Wolf Mother and Wolf Eyes. Also, Fleet Foxes and Foxygen and Coyote Ugly, because those guys don't know the difference between wolves and foxes and coyotes.

He also has a very successful acting career, under the name of Philip Seymour Hoffman, but let's keep that on the DL, okay?