I Like This Ending

by wootbot

Facebook 2: Passive-Aggressive Judgment Day

It's like the one thing and the other thing 

From the creators of Facebook comes an all-new social media experience that will undo everything you thought you knew: Facebook 2. 

Mark Zuckerberg has traveled back from the year 2018, when Facebook's meteoric fall plunges the world into civil war. His mission: Find a teenager who has become disenchanted with the unhipness of the world's largest social media network and figure out how to make it cool again. 

In Facebook 2, gone are the features that slowly drove the original to obsolescence. No more high school "friends" who post politically incendiary, half-literate rants. No more obnoxious ads that are clearly targeted at your demographic. No more pictures. Or text. Or anything!

You're going to love Facebook 2.