I remember when…

by wootbot

A Simpler Time

2nd place in Derby #339: 8-Bit Adventure, with 173 votes.

I remember a time when castles had dungeons that were just dungeons, not a breeding ground for ghosts that only attack when you've got your back to them.

I remember a time when you could find cute animals at the pet shop. You didn't have to put your turbo shoes on and jump on a your nemesis's robot henchman to unlock them.

I remember a time when coins were used as bus fair or to buy a sodas and were not tallied as a way of measuring someone's performance at any given stage of his life.

I remember a time when monkeys lived in the jungle, barrels stayed in the cellar, and ladders were on the tops of maintenance vans, and very rarely did the three interact to create a hellishly stressful day for a plumber. 

I remember a time when a snake could eat and eat and eat and only grow fatter and not so impossibly long as to have no choice but to eat its own tail.