I'm a Mess!

by wootbot

Reagan's Cube

1st Place in Derby #312: '80s Retro, with 237 votes!

"Sir, sir! The air traffic controllers have walked off the job. Every plane in the country is grounded." 

"Gracious! Well, we should, um…hold on. I'll get to it as soon as I get all of this side the same color. Jeez this is hard, but it should pay off." 

"Did you say we should lay them off?" 

"Hmmm? Sure, whatever gets you out of this room and lets me concentrate on my cube game." 

"Sir, sir! A bomb has gone off at a barracks in Beirut! What is our military response?" 

"You would call this color 'Marine Green,' right?" 

"You want to green light the Marines to invade Grenada?" 

"What's that? OK." 

"Sir, sir! The Soviets are building even more nuclear weapons!" 

"I can't move forward until I start working on red." 

"You want to work with the Reds? We can set up a summit in Geneva." 

"Eh? Whatever you say. Now, where's my 'Simon Says'?"