Immortal Falls

by wootbot

Keep Flying!

2nd place in Derby #286: Escher-esque, Editor's Choice!

The big talk among the birds was the new waterfall.

"I heard it's taller than the last waterfall," said Stephen, a seagull.

"I heard it's the tallest waterfall ever," said Liza, a pigeon.

"I bet there's no waterfall at all," said Eric, who was actually not a bird but a turtle and also a total a downer.

"Shut up, Eric," said all the birds in unison. Then they laughed and flew away to where the waterfall was supposed to be.

But Eric was right. There was no waterfall. Just the old crazy scientist, Dr. McClure, and some big machine that looked like it was a laser turret.

"What's that?" asked Liza.

"I call it the Liquefier," said Dr. McClure. "Turns anything, no matter how dense into water."

"But wait, where's the waterfall?" asked Stephen.

"You fools," said Dr. McClure pointing the Liquefier at them. "You ARE the waterfall!"