Impossibly Delicious

by wootbot

Not worth it.

3rd place in Derby #286: Escher-esque, guest editor Matthew's pick!

"Welcome to Impossible Pastry! I'm Evan, how can I-"

"Can I get a dozen of the Mobius Rolls?"

"S-sure. Yeah, of course. You know each one of these is carefully constructed to give the appearance of-"

"I don't care."

"Excuse me?"

"You're talking about stuff and I don't care. I just want doughnuts."

"Oh. It's just the whole angle of this shop is that we-"

"Do they come in chocolate?"

"Uh, actually each one is a delicious blend of hazelnut and-"

"Can you put chocolate syrup on them or something?"

"I- I guess so."

"Good. Shut up and do that."