In The Stars

by wootbot

Journey to the Earthcore

2nd Place in Derby #347: Inspired By Vintage Posters, with 241 votes!

NOVO-ZHIKAGO, ZEGELIUS IV - Their ancestors left it behind at escape velocity, but today's hippest young people are rediscovering a fashion that's literally a world away: Earth style.

"We create an authentic Earth vibe, right down to the 80/20 oxygen mix and the authentic drop ceilings," says Houstonn Canaverall (not her real name), promoter of the Nite of Terra series of club nights in Novo-Zhikago.

With her three-cornered hat, kaleidoscopic dashiki, and long digital cigarette that young Earthophiles call an "FDR", Canaverall looks like any typical Earth dweller of the 18th through 22nd centuries. But it's a look that causes a stir on the motowalks and televards here in the largest city in middle-western Zegelius-IV.

"These kids are looking for a more authentic experience," says Professor Narvix Tronotron of the "It's understandable: their whole lives, they've been spoonfed parent-approved culture, in the form of data-enriched protein slurry. They never had to endure the hardships of Earth life - the tarantulas, the sunshine, the terrifying food - so to them, the old Earth days look like romantic fun."