In Training

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #311: Back in Back , with 325 votes!

You know… I might… wear mine… backwards?

OKAY, OKAY! It's weird, I'll admit it, but I have often indulged in fantasies where I am a father, but not just to a normal baby. In these fantasies, I'm Yoda's father. I'm walking the streets with him in a Baby Bjorn. People are walking up to me, saying, "What an adorable baby!" And I'm saying, "Oh, why thank you! He's got his mother's eyes." 

And then at night, when I'm tucking him in, he'll look up at me and say, "Love you father, I do." And I'll get teary-eyed and say, "Love you Yo-yo, I do too." And it'll be a super tender, touching moment. 

I'm sorry.