Infinite Improbability

by wootbot

Mutually Assured Stampsies

3rd Place in Derby #310: Double-Take Derby , with 166 votes!

"Dude I dare you to jump on that whale's back." 

"No way. I'd get kicked out of the aquarium." 

"I double dare you." 

"OK I stamp it."

"No stampsies." 

"OK I double dog stamp." 

"I said no stampsies, and it doesn't matter because I double dog dare you." 

"My double dog stamp overrides your double dog dare." 

"Setting aside the stampsies issue, no it doesn't." 

"Does too." 

"Does not." 

"Does too times a million." 

"Does not times a billion." 

"Does too times a trillion." 

"Does not times a googolplex." 

"Does too times infinity." 

"Does not times infinity plus one." 

"You win this round, Griffon, because everybody knows there's nothing higher than infinity plus one. But I'll be waiting for another opportunity to get you on that whale's back. I'll be waiting."