Inflational Material: Daily Shirt.Woot Prices Go Up By $2

by Jason Toon

Much as we wish we could, we can't run our little t-shirt wonderland on cupid feathers and unicorn smiles. As of today, Shirt.Woot's first-day price for t-shirts will increase to $12.

With a couple extra bucks to pump into the Shirt.Woot Wonder Machine of Fabulousness, we'll hit ever-higher heights of t-shirt glory. We've resisted any price increases for over four years now, and we think twelve dollars plus free shipping is still a pretty rad price for high-quality, exclusive graphic tees.

The sad fact is, nothing in our business - blank shirts, ink, labor, shipping - is getting any cheaper. A happier fact is that Shirt.Woot has a full roster of cool projects in the works for 2012, which we just couldn't do on the incredible shrinking margins of our old price.

Thanks for sticking with us lo, these many years. And thanks in advance for paying a little more so that we can stick around for many years to come. Excelsior or something!