Instant Gentleman

by wootbot

Spy Games

In a pinch, just pinch.

Agent Speckter, I know you're the good guy and I'm the bad guy here, but we need to talk.

"Who is this Agent Speckter you speak of? As I said, my name is Archduke Barblebarblebarble."

What? That's not even a real… never mind. Agent Speckter, I'm worried about you. Is everything okay at home?

"Once again, I have no idea who this agent…"

You're folding a tee-shirt up and holding it over your face, Agent Speckter.

"Okay, okay. You found me out."

So what's the deal? I mean, your disguises used to be so impressive, so elaborate. Legendary, even. There was that one time where you dressed as a…

"As a box of candles, yes I remember. I don't know, I'm just not feeling so inspired anymore. At first, you get a rush with each secret mission you complete, but after a while it gets boring. It's just one mission after another. You realize you're never going to fix everything, never going to stop all the evil geniuses."

Jeez, Agent Speckter, that's some heavy stuff. Is there anything I can do to help?

"You can stand very still."

What? Why?

"Because while we've been here talking, my team has infiltrated the casino and now we have you surrounded."