Introducing Our Newest Shirt Feature: Eau De Woot

by Sam Kemmis

Passion. Virility. Easter Egg Dyeing.

You may have noticed that Woot's latest fragrance, Somewhat Vinegary™, is now featured on some of the shirts in our new Complete Shirt.Woot Catalog.

But really: Our new printing process produces a faint scent of vinegar on some shirt designs. This smell is TOTALLY NORMAL and TOTALLY SAFE, and will vanish like a will-o'-the-wisp if you run it through the laundry just once.

We take extra care to make sure our printing process is so safe that you could wrap a baby hippopotamus in a Shirt.Woot shirt and not think twice about it. These new designs are no exception -- hippo-swaddle away!

Any questions? Concerns? Throw 'em in the comments thread or shoot us an email. And in the meantime, enjoy a complimentary sample of our maltiest, apple-cideriest, balsamiciest fragrance to date.