It Came Out Of Nerdist

by Jason Toon

This past Tuesday night, Internet e-celeb, actor, comedian, and TV personality Chris "Nerdist" Hardwick appeared on CBS's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on the same show as current Doctor Who Matt Smith. The Scotsman Ferguson did the whole set up in Whoabilia, and Hardwick got into the spirit of the evening in the finest way possible (for us): by wearing his It Came Out Of Nowhere t-shirt from Shirt.Woot! Check the 3:30 mark where Hardwick big-ups the shirt to the delight of a roaring crowd.

That was swell enough, but he went on to tweet a link to the shirt to his 1.37 million Twitter followers, like so:

And sure enough, It Came Out Of Nowhere saw a spike in sales the next day. Even a day later, after the first blush of fleeting fame started to fade, it was still selling well above where it was before Chris shouted it out. Peep this convenient graph:

Thanks Chris, Nerdist, Mr. Hardwick, Emperor Ultra-Fantastic, hell, we'll call you whatever you want us to call you - it's the least we can do! We appreciate the love so much we won't even make a joke about Singled Out! (Oops, wait, I think we just did...)