It's Good On Everything

by wootbot


Shall I knight thee, Sir Racha?

Let me tell you my story: I once forsook Sriracha. It had nothing to do with the sauce itself; it was more the sauce's hype that got to me. People were wearing sriracha underwear, drawing sriracha comics, doing all sorts of sriracha stuff. And I didn't like that. Because I guess that I'm a sauce hipster.

But here's the thing guys, it's really good. It's good on everything. You just need to get yourself out of the mindset that it's hot sauce. It's not Frank's Red Hot, it's not Tabasco, it's not anything like that. It's a condiment: a spicy, delicious condiment. It's like ketchup 2.0. No, it's not transcendent; it's just really, really good!