Kawaii Killer

by wootbot

Destroy Me Once...

The deep voice of reason 

"My lord, I have returned." 

"Excellent, my apprentice. We must act at once to quash the resistance." 

"Our battle station was utterly destroyed, my master. What is our plan?" 

"We shall build a new one!" 

"My lord?" 

"We shall do the exact same thing again!" 

"Of course, my master. But … don't you think … maybe … we should try something else? Since this didn't work so well?" 

"I don't follow you." 

"I'm not trying to be judgmental --" 

"-- it sounds like you're being a little judgy --" 

"-- But don't you think, since our last battle station was destroyed entirely, that we should try a different strategy?" 

"No. We must build a space station capable of destroying entire planets." 



"Why must we do that? It seems like overkill, especially since the 'war' we're fighting is more of a guerrilla insurrection than a full-fledged war between independent entities. So a weapon of massive destruction might be a poor choice." 


"Just sayin'."