by wootbot

A Little Yarn

Let's get down to the Knitty kitty.

Some people say cats hate other cats, but man, it seems like all the cats love my cat Knitty. Whenever they see him, they run right over and start playing with him and rolling around and having a grand old time. Sure, I have to do some repairs on Knitty when they leave, but it's worth it to see the joy in eyes at making new friends.

The funny thing is, Knitty isn't even as popular as my other cat, Laser. All the cats want to make friends with Laser, but he gets scared and runs away. It's really sad seeing how Laser shuts himself off to the world. I hope one day he'll open his eyes and see all the friendship he's missing out on. 

Of course, Knitty and Laser don't even come close to the cat I had when I was a kid. His name was Nip and he lived out doors, and ALL the neighborhood cats loved to come visit him. They would lick him and rub all over him and do all sorts of weird stuff. When Nip died, we had him cremated and we spread his cremains over the back yard. A bunch of cats showed up for the ceremony, and paid their condolences by rolling around in his ashes. It was really beautiful.