Knotty Owl

by wootbot

You'll never believe...

2nd Place in Derby #338: Metallic Ink, with 174 votes!

This week's Derby winners will be printed with metallic ink. Pretty cool, right? Pretty cool until a TSA employee form-tackles you in the metal detector. 


We wanted to get our designs shared a bit more on the internet, so we took a course called "Headlines 101" offered at the Upworthy Training Center. Here are some of new titles we came up with for this shirt:

  • They asked an artist to design an owl shirt to be printed with metallic ink. But they never could've expected what he did.
  • An interviewer says metallic ink owl shirts are unconstitutional. The artist's response will blow you away.
  • 98% of Americans didn't know this fact about owl t-shirts printed with metallic ink. You'll never believe what it is! 
  • His first four owl shirts printed with metallic ink were interesting; his fifth will blow your mind (and make you a little sick [but in a good way]).
  • In just 5 seconds, this metallic inked owl shirt will undo everything you considered to be true about metallic print owl shirts.
  • All we ask is that you look at this owl shirt printed with metallic for 1 minute. After that we know you'll be hooked.  

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