Know your Dwarves

by wootbot

Halfway There

3rd place in Derby #333: Personality Types, with 177 votes!

You guys, usually we'd take this space to talk about the dwarves on the shirt and make some silly jokes, but there's something much more important here. This is derby #333. That means, we're halfway to derby #666… AND WE HAVE DONE NOTHING TO PREPARE FOR THE EVIL THAT DERBY WILL UNLEASH ON THE WORLD!

We need to slow down and think, you guys! We need to start building some defenses! That's why we're switching up the derbies a little bit. Instead of designing shirts, we're going to have you guys submit plans for laser turrets, blueprints for bunkers, incantations, that sort of thing. 

That sound cool? Great! If we work together, we'll be okay.