Land of Splendor and Corn

by wootbot

United States?

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There are a lot of wingnuts out there who have suggested that their states secede from the union, but sometimes you have to wonder: Would it really be so bad? 

Think about it. What government services do you depend on the most? Roads? Health care? Education? And which legislative body do you trust more to enact meaningful legislation to meet your needs: your state legislature or the U.S. Congress? 

We're not recommending another civil war or anything, but sometimes you have to ask these questions. Is our federal system like an old relationship that we're holding onto just because we don't know what else is out there? Maybe we could start a new country with Portugal or something. Who knows! We're still a young country.  

Maybe we should do a trial separation. From now until the end of the year, let's let each state run itself. We'll meet in 2014 and see how it's going. Maybe it will be terrible. Maybe it will be great. We can't know until we try it.