Le Chat dans la Boite

by wootbot

Wö​ö​tinger's Cat

We are all both alive and dead in the imagination of a doomed feline. Maybe. 

The Schrödinger's cat thought experiment postulates that, given the strange dynamics of quantum mechanics, a cat trapped in a box whose life depended on the decay of a certain radioactive substance can be considered both alive AND dead until the box is opened. Pretty mind-bending stuff, but we're going to kick it up a notch with something we call the Wö​ö​tinger's Cat hypothesis

What if the universe we currently occupy is just a figment in the imagination of a cat that is trapped in a Schrödinger-like contraption? This hypothesis may remind some aged viewers of the popular 80s show St. Elsewhere, more specifically the "Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis" in which most popular media at the time existed in the imagination of the eponymous, autistic youngster. 

We are all living in the snow globe! Except instead of a snow globe it's something that a cat that both exists and doesn't exist would be thinking about. Maybe a cat food bowl. 


Sorry, did you hear something? Oh it was just the simultaneously blowing of the Shirt.Woot audience's collective mind? Excellent.