Let it Tea...

by wootbot

Great Show!

2nd Place in Derby #267: Double-Take Derby 18, with 470 votes!

Teatles' set list from last night:

- I Want to Hold Your Handle
- Twist and Spout
- Got to Get You Into My Cup
- Strawberry Zinger Forever
- I've Got a Darjeeling
- Earlgray Rigby
- Love Me Brew
- Get Black (Tea)!


- My Tea Gently Steeps
- Can't Buy Matte Love
- Come Together... and Drink Some Irish Breakfast

Wear this shirt: in the sky, with diamonds.

Don't wear this shirt: if you're more into the Kinks.

This shirt tells the world: "I whisper words of wisdom into my mug."

We call this color: Silver? Nah, it's goin' platinum!