Let's Get Pumped!

by wootbot

Heart Puns!

It's time to get pumped!

Yo, you guys, Happy the Heart here to deliver a message that will get you PUMPED! You see, it's better to be A POSITIVE person! Being positive is TUBULAR! You get to dance to the BEAT of your own drummer, and he's a really upbeat drummer too! He only plays the positive drums, nO NEGATIVE ones!

Sure, sometimes you need to VENT(RICLE) about a rough day! Sometimes there seems to be (CORO)NARY a good thing to happen! Sometimes it seems like all your effort was in (RIGHT PULMONARY) VEIN! That's okay. Just don't get stuck in that way of thinking! Positivity is the SUPERIOR (VENA CAVA) outlook to have! In fact, I'd even say a positive outlook is a work of ART(ERY)!

That's it for now! Happy the Heart out!