Let's Talk Lady Sizes

by Shirt.Woot

If you haven't heard the news, we're changing over shirt suppliers. Feel free to make your way over to the forums and grouse. We'll wait. All done? Cool. Now, the biggest change in our shirts is going to be in Women's Sizes. Before you assume, "I'll just order the same size, it can't be that big a difference," know that our own ProfHotPants wore a Women's Large in the old size but prefers a Women's Medium in the new blanks. 

Let us reiterate here for a second that there won't be any kind of change in quality of fabric or material. Anvil makes several types of blank, and the ones we've tested extensively before switching are made the exact same way our previous blanks were: 100% ring-spun cotton, ribbed collar, taped shoulder seams, double needle hems, the works. Some Woot employees, like writer llandar, can't even tell the difference between the two. Others, like ProfHotPants, actually prefer them to the old style. So don't freak out about the new threads just yet. 

Today marks the first sale in which Women's sizes will switch to the new supplier, so you DO need to know how the size change is going to work. Here's the OLD, outdated sizing chart:

Old Sizing Chart

 And here is the NEW sizing chart:

New Sizing Chart

As you can see, the new shirts offer a little more room for people who are not beanpoles and might dare to have a curve or two:


But just what do these measurements mean, exactly? Take a look at this handy t-shirt diagram to get the idea:

If you want to take the guess work out of it, you'll want to get yourself a tape measure and measure the length of your torso (vertically). This gives you the Front Length you're looking for. Before you measure your bust and freak out, here's how Chest Width works:

Shirts are measured while lying flat on a surface. The "Chest Width" is literally the measurement across the chest on the front of the shirt; it doesn't take into account the circumference of the shirt when it's on your body, so you should double the number before you compare it to your bust measurement. Therefore, a WS with a 17" Chest Width actually accommodates a 34" chest, a WL with 21" Width will fit a 42" chest, etc. Make sense?

We'll also be updating this post with testimonials from female Woot employees who have tried both styles so they can give their two cents about comparisons in fit or whether they experienced a big swing in size. We can go into the details of it and bore everyone to tears, but real-world testimonials are much more helpful. 

Still confused? Fire any questions about the fit of the new sizes at us in the comments section!