Live Analog Derby With Dan Zettwoch at CES 2010!

by Jason Toon

Of course Woot's sending a team to cover the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. But there's no way the Shirt.Wooters are gonna let the mothership guys have all the fun. So we're holding an analog Derby on Thursday and Friday at the Woot booth (South 1 - Booth 22110) - and you don't even have to draw your own entry. Just stop by before noon Friday, tell us your idea, and Shirt.Woot designer, noted cartoonist, and all-around stand-up guy Dan Zettwoch will render it in his inimitable style. Then, on Friday at 2 p.m., the assembled throng will vote on their favorite design - and the winner will take home $500, if he or she doesn't blow it all on Casino War.

Ah, we hear you moan, But what about the theme? Thanks for the segue. The theme is CES 2010 Plus Or Minus 1,000 Years - in other words, what would CES have looked like in the year 1010 A.D., or what will it look like in 3010? Come up with a funny, clever idea, and five hundred American dollars could be yours. Not the idea-conceivin' type? Come by just to watch Dan work the Zettwoch magic and press some Woot flesh. If you're lucky, the Rejectorator will be there to diss your hard work in person. And if you're not going to CES at all, watch this space for potential webcam action. The Internet offers no greater thrill than watching a man draw in jerky, pixelated video.

Use the discussion thread below to warn us if you'll be coming by the booth. We want to straighten the place up a little before esteemed visitors like you come over.