Lose Yourself

by wootbot

Right in the Childhood

Take a Look. It Might Be in a Book.

If you want to find out about erotic fiction, you know where to go, right? Let's check out this local library!

Well, let's see: aardvarks, chickens, hedgehogs, boy this library is thorough. Ah, here we are! Erotic fiction. Let's see what we've got here: Ah, it's Fifty Shades Freed! I've always said you can find any book you need in a library. Now tell me, does this book give you everything you need? I can't help but feel like it does. And if you're looking for more sensual, sado-masochistic adult fiction, here's some more that you might enjoy. But you don't have to take my word for it.

Wear this shirt: While lamenting the closing of your town's Borders.

Don't wear this shirt: While listening to books on tape.

This shirt tells the world: Hey, why don't you take a look, buddy! It'll last longer!"

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