Lost in Illustration

by wootbot

Bea The Change

We need your help to make a Bea Arthur shirt. 

As soon as we saw this design we were like, "That's great -- what other celebrities could we do this with?" And, being red-blooded Americans, our minds immediately leapt to "Bea Arthur." 

"Be awesome to each other / Bea Arthur to each other?" Isn't that the Bill & Ted quote? Oh wait it's "Be excellent to each other." So that doesn't work -- darn. Is there any expression or quote or anything that starts with "be awesome"?? Apparently not. 

That settles it: We need a Bea Arthur shirt, so we need an expression including "be awesome" to permeate through the culture. So go forth and start spreading memes on the Reddits until "Keep Calm And Be Awesome" or some other dumb expression is popularized. Then visit Shirt.Woot several months later to reap the rewards!