Lovecraft Street

by wootbot

Necronom Nom Nom

2nd place in Derby #335: Lovecraft, with 123 votes!

"Whatcha doin'?" 

"Trying to say today's word of the day. Ne- Ne- Ne-." 

"Well, what is it?" 

"I can't say it! The word is too long." 

"I mean what does it mean, silly." 

"Oh oh! It's a big, dirty old book." 

"The Bible?"

"No no no! Ummmm, let's see … oh oh! It's bound in human flesh!" 

"Aw jeez I donno. The Joy Of Cooking?" 

"Nope, but getting closer. It was penned by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred." 

"Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas?" 

"No, but you're almost there! It is an ancient grimoire tome of unspeakable evil." 

"The Necronomicon!" 

"That's it! That's the word of the day! Necronomicon, Necronomicon, Necronomicon!"