Magic Death Ball

by wootbot

Mythmaker, Mythmaker...

Consult the 8-Ball at Delphi 

Hepheta was the daughter of Kinge Argendon who ruled the island of Mitre, and there she fell in love with a young man named Ordannus. They were set to be wed, but one night Athena came to King Argendon in the form of an owl and asked, "O King -- do you entrust your many lands to this untested youth?" 

So the next day, King Argendon told Ordannus that he would allow the marriage only if the young man received the blessing of the 8-Ball at Delphi. Ordannus begrudgingly agreed, and formed a party of the island's doughtiest sailors to join him on his quest. 

In the seas they encountered many perils, and were swept from shore to shore by Neptune's wrath, for he (in cahoots with Athena), despised Ordannus, knowing him to be the son of brother Zeus who visited a mortal woman. But Ordannus was canny, and overcame the many travails set in his path. 

At last, his party decimated, he reach Delphi and approached the alter containing the famous 8-Ball. There he shook it mightily, calling aloud to the heavens, "Shall I, Ordannus, marry the fair Hepheta?" The sky shook with thunder as the answer emerged from the indigo murkiness: 

"Ask again later."