Makin' Biscuits

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #326: Double-Take Derby 22, with 211 votes!

As many of you are probably aware, this shirt is a sequel. The original shirt, Makin' Bread, depicts a single cat kneading dough, which is funny because cats love kneading. Now, that same cat has apparently birthed a litter of kittens who are helping out in the kitchen. A nice cute ending to the cat's story, right?

WRONG! The series shouldn't stop here! No way! Ochopika, you need to keep making more and more of these shirts! Here are a few ideas I came up with:

  • Makin' Focaccia
  • Makin' Scones
  • Makin' a Business Model for a Cat-Run Bakery
  • Makin' It Work with the Health Inspector (By Slipping Him a few 20s)
  • Makin' Due with a Bit Less Cash for a Little Bit
  • Makin' Due with a Lot Less Cash for a Little Bit
  • Makin' a Day out of Replying to Nasty Yelp Reviews
  • Makin' it onto One of those Reality Shows for Struggling Restaurants
  • Makin' a Name for Yourself (as the Cat who Yelled at Chef Ramsey)
  • Makin' a Killing off People Coming in Because They Saw Your Bakery on Television
  • Makin' Peace with the Idea that People Mostly Like Your Bakery for the Novelty of It

Of course, they'd all feature cute cats being cute. Let me know what you think, Ochopika!