Masters Of Invisibilty

by wootbot


You gotta really describe some things.

Hey, Mr. Director! how's production coming?

"Great! I think Turtle Fight is going to be a huge hit."

Excellent! Excellent! Hey, look, by the way, how married to that title are you?

"Turtle Fight? Well, it has been the title all along, so…"

Yeah, yeah, I understand that. But you see, I was just chatting with the head of the studio, and he just bought a lot of stock in adjectives. 


Yeah, adjectives. And so we're gonna need all titles from now on to feature at least three adjectives. So, I'm thinking Something Something Something Turtles.

"Okay, what about Manic Undercover Punching Turtles?"

Nah. What else?

"Dyspeptic Frustrating Rampant Turtles?"


"Mesmerizing Turbulent Minced Turtles?"


"Melted Icy Festering Turtles?"

Not feelin' it.

"Undulating Hyperbolic Geriatric Turtles?"


"Hectic Eventful Tin Turtles?"

I just, it's not right.

"Hunky Tall Italian Turtles?"


"Monochromatic Gigantic Soulful Turtles?"


"Helpful Heroic Wooden Turtles?"

No, no, no! I'm sorry, man. None of it's clicking.

"Well, I have one more… but let me sleep on it, okay?"

Sure, but why won't you just say it now?

"Copyright issues."