Meet Your Derby #3 Winner

by Jason Toon

Well, it seems we sort of have two winners to Derby #3. But this time, you only get one shirt. Here's the problem: the "power" symbol in the entry submitted by jr88ps69 is evidently the property of the International Electrotechnical Commission, and may only be commercially used with their permission. We've been advised not to produce and sell this t-shirt, so we're not going to. (We've also decided that, in our view, it also violates our own Derby rules: "We determine that the design contains elements created and/or owned by someone other than the designer or Woot".)

But even though the refs ruled against it, we are going to honor the will of the (Woot) people by proclaiming it the winner. And we'll pay jr88ps69 the $200 prize money. Presenting what we hope will be the only Derby "winner" that we don't produce and sell:

In cases like this, where the Derby winner cannot fulfill its duties, the crown immediately passes to the second-place finisher. So, at midnight tonight, come back to Shirt.Woot if you want to buy jamescho84's "Reality Isn't For Everyone" (yes, jamescho84 will also receive the prize money):

We're climbing into our asbestos onesies, because we know some people will be upset about this. But the law is the law, rules are rules, and the rule of law is the law of rules, or something. Congratulations, jr88ps69 and jamescho84. And gods of fortune, if you're listening: can we just have a nice easy Derby next time? Please? Let us know if we need to sacrifice a first-born male goat or whatever.