Mentions of Honor: Buy Our Favorite Derby Losers

by Jason Toon

Many are called. Few are printed. For hundreds of weeks now, the Shirt.Woot Derby has lived by this pitiless credo. Some of the also-rans in our weekly t-shirt design competition have found new life in our Double-Take Derbies, and a few have won favor with the occasional "Editor's Choice" pick. But today, the worthy obscurities shall begin to get their due on the proper scale.

Presenting Mentions of Honor, a Shirt.Woot event um, honoring 16 of the best non-winning entrants from Derbies #227 through #239. Ere now, the difference between Derby glory and defeat has been as narrow as a single vote. Now we're flexing our iron fist to correct the failures of democracy - but only for a time. These shirts' non-victory lap will end Sunday, March 25. All Mentions of Honor purchases will beging shipping March 28, so expedited shipping will get you your shirt faster than free shipping, but don't expect it to be literally overnight.

Now, all hail the Mentions of Honor!

Tee - $15
1974: It’s Alive!
by Wenceslao Almazán
by Wenceslao Almazán
Average Person Award
by patrickspens
Castle on a Cloud
by werewolfskippy
Darth Meow
by nblottie
Finally Caught It
by Diana Sprinkle
Huddle in a Flurry
by helgram
Hugs and Kisses
by Radscoolian
Jabba the Fluff
by Ochopika
Never Trust Cute Aliens
by art101
No Squares Allowed
by artulo
Of Monsters and RPGs
by Rebekie.b
Out of the Blue
by Radscoolian
Rock and Roleplay!
by Wenceslao Almazán
Slow Morning
by Ochopika
Snooze Button Champion
by Nathan W. Pyle

We'll have a new, less honorable but just as rad shirt event next week. And the rest of our currently available shirts are always on display the the Reckoning page.