Mobius Dick

by wootbot

Double Life

The whale goes in weird ways.

Oh, the pressures of leading a double life! Dick knows all about them. After all, to the internet, he's a popular sex columnist writing for one of the hottest sites on the web, but to his family and friends, he's a whale.

And it seems to be going just fine - he keeps in touch with his editor using email and keeps his laptop hidden in a coral reef - until one day he gets a message in his inbox that changes everything. A woman, Sheila Tann, from the New York Times wants to do a story ON HIM! This could be Dick's ticket to the big time, except for one problem. She wants to meet him "in person."

Dick constructs an elaborate disguise so that he can do the interview and then haul it back to the ocean. Except something gets in his way: love! Will Dick be able to keep the charade going or will Sheila see through the blubber? Find out in this summer's hit romantic comedy: Double Dick!