Modern Myths II

by wootbot

The Odyssey And The Ecstacy

It's been tough to keep the storyline consistent for 2,000 years.

Of arms and a super-man I sing, who, forced by fate
And and the untoward demise of his planet, 
Expelled and exiled, was shot from Krypton's face
Long labors, both in the sky and ground, he bore; 
And in the war against evil, never ending, 
He built a fortress at the pole, 
And fled the bleak misery of humanity 

Oh Muse! sing to me of crimes foiled, 
Of villains provoked by mere hate. 
How the gods chose this path for a man
Who, though not of Earth, became her salvation. 
And please, Muse, let us forget that time
When the franchise chose to kill him off.