by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #357: Meat, with 184 votes!

Somewhere in the 1980s:

Here, it is. The final cut of the film. Let's send the reels to the theater. 

"Wait, hold on! Let me just sprinkle a little bit of this."

What is that?

"Geek pheromones."

Geek pheromones?

Yeah! Geek pheromones! This is going to up our box office revenue by a bajillion percent. 

"Wow! That little splash is all it takes?"

Totally! And that's not all! A few more drops, and this film will stay relevant among a very specific part of the population forever, or at least for far more time than you'd expect.

"I don't know. This stuff sounds too good to be true. Do you have any proof that it works?"

What if I told you that this is what they used by Douglas Adams and Monty Python?

"Holy crap! Crack it open and pour it all over! People shall forever remember this film we are made! People will forever remember… Howard the Duck!"