My Bad

by wootbot

Quotation First Drafts

Terseness at the highest levels doesn't come from talent alone. 

You think quotesmiths like Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, and Mark Twain just said those things on the spur of the moment? Ha! Don't kid yourself, those folks went through countless renditions of their quotations before releasing the final product to the public.

We here at Woot have uncovered a heretofore unseen trove of first-draft quotations, which show exactly how important editing is in the process:

"If you see something that you would like to see changed (or altered in any way), instead of trying to change it directly by word or action, instead try to exemplify the outcome you would wish to see in yourself."
- Mahatma Gandhi

"If something hurts you but doesn't go so far as to kill you, then it sort of toughens you up, you know? Like, you're more likely to be strong in the future because of the pain you're enduring now. But, just to be clear, if it kills you, you will be dead so you won't be strong at all."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Live simply so others can just live."
- Mother Theresa

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