My Special Day

by wootbot

The hump-day dance is your chance to do the hump

1st Place in Derby #318: Office Life, with 200 votes!

Do you, like thousands of camels, suffer from thinning hair on your hump? Have you tried everything -- creams, new hair-styles, even surgery -- to cover up your mid-back bald spot? Get a Hump Toupee™ and regain your dromedary dash! 

Worried that others will notice your "hump rug?" With today's hump-hair replication technology, other camelids will never notice your follicular fulsomeness! Each Hump Toupee™ is custom-fitted to the unique shape of your dorsal water storage organ so it won't look out of place or awkard. 

If you're tired of the hot desert sun beating down on YOUR bare hump, if you feel like you lost that special something with the female ungulates, and if you are tired of combing-over your side-hump hair to cover your shame: Pick up a Hump Toupee™ today! 

Special offer: Bactrian camels can now receive two Hump Toupees™ for the price of one!