National Meh League

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #368: Football!, with 151 votes!

“It’s Game Day once again, and I’m here with Grank Parsley to discuss the unsurprising results.”

“Hello as always, Bob.”

“Indeed, Grank. So it looks like today’s big statement is just the equivalent of a verbal shrug, right, Grank?”

“Looks that way, Bob.”

“Sure seems like this syllable is a growing trend, Grank. What’s your assessment?”

"Well, Bob, we live in a world where people exert more effort to express ostensible apathy than ambition.”

"Kind of a paradox, don’t you think, Grank?"

"A bit, Bob. Indeed, our culture has landed in a place where it’s frequently frowned upon to feel passionate about something in a positive way.”

"Gosh, Grank. What are the far-reaching effects of such dispassionate activity?"

"Only a lack of enthusiasm for fear of ridicule, Bob."