New Year's Resolution

by wootbot

Finally Retro

Shave and a haircut, eight bits! 

"Whoa, Uncle Dave, what's that?" 

"Oh hey Tyler. This is a video game called Mega Man." 

"Coooooool. I love the 8-bit graphics. 8-bit art is so hot right now."

"Is it? I guess I don't know what the young folks are into these days. Heh heh. I figured I'd dust off the old games while I'm home for Christmas." 

"This is an OLD game? Like, five our six years old? Because 8-bit art has only blown up recently. You must be really cool if you're ahead of the curve like that, Uncle Dave."

"Ha, no, it's an ACTUAL old video game from when everything HAD to be 8-bit."


"Yeah, back in the 80s the technology was still developing and games all looked like this." 

"You're blowing my mind right now, Uncle Dave."