by wootbot

Terrible Luck

Celebrate the Celts -- they need it 

Celebrate the "Luck O' The Irish" this St. Patty's day with this imbibing design! You know, all that "luck" the Irish people have experienced over the last several centuries…

Listen, Ireland may have experienced its fair share of setbacks since it was invaded by the Normans in the 11th Century, such as brutal oppression by the early English kings, bloody and ongoing religious strife, the Great Potato Famine, a genetic predisposition to alcoholism among its citizens, a mass emigration in the 1840s, and U2, but at least they have … hmmm … 

What has gone well for the Irish? Maybe that's why we celebrate the Luck O' The Irish once a year -- in the hopes that one of these times we'll manage to reverse their fortunes.