one tough cookie

by wootbot

C is for MURDER

2nd Place in Derby #355: Fortune Favors the Bold, with 215 votes!

Arcookieologists have discovered possible evidence of one of the foundational stories in cookie mythology: the slaying of the monster Omnomnom the Devourer by the ancient King Chip.

Clumps of petrified blue fur, as well as traces of blod on a fragment of a giant cylindrical structure, "are consistent with legendary accounts of King Chip's uprising against Omnomnom," says Nick Erdoodle, director of the Center for Crumb Analysis at the University of Macaroon. "It's exciting to think that these could be artifacts of the moment when cookies asserted themselves as independent beings."

Erdoodle is best known for his team's recovery of evidence for the historical validity of the legendary milk flood known as the Great Dunking.