Our Love is Dangerous

by wootbot

Little Shaky

Tooth be, or not tooth be...

Any old loser with a couple friends can put on a Shakespeare play, but what about a Shakespearean mixed media performance highlighting the dangers of poor dental hygiene? Only me - Frank Harrington: writer, director, and producer of ForTOOTH! - can pull that off!

Let me tell you about my inspiration. I was on some pretty strong pain killers after a particularly painful oral surgery, and there on the television was Baz Luhrmann's Romeo & Juliet. Or maybe it was Titanic. Or maybe I didn't have the television on. I gotta be honest, I might not have even been home. But I was struck with this thought: what if Shakespeare, the greatest wordsmith in the history of the English language, had taken on the issue of tooth decay? Would his words not have been powerful enough to educate the masses so that we might avoid costly repairs to our teeth and gums?

The answer, my friends, is ABSOLUTELY YES! At least, that's if you're to believe the words of reviewers from publications such as The Hillsdale Plain Dealer, The Hillsdale Gazette, The Hillsdale Herald, and SexyHillsdaleRumors.com. So please, come out to the Hillsdale Community Center and catch a performance of ForTOOTH! tonight (if tonight is the second Tuesday of the month).