by wootbot

Pop Quiz

"Solve for Owl."

1. What is the next term in the geometric sequence 16, -4, 1, 1/4, …?
  • A. 1/owl
  • B. owl
  • C. owl
  • D. owl/8
  • E. 1/2 owl
2. The imaginary number i is defined such that i2=-1. What does i+i2+i3+ … +i equal?
  • A. owl
  • B. -owl
  • C. -owl
  • D. 0…wl
3. A manufacturing company processes raw ore. The number of tons of refined material the company can produce during t days using Process A is A(t) = t2+2t and using Process B is B(t) = 10t. The company has only 7 days to process ore and must choose 1 of the processes. What is the maximum output of refined material, in tons, for this time period?
  • A. Irrelevant, as the factory must be shut down due to an owl infestation.
  • B. 70, so long as the workers continue supplying the neighboring owl population with delicious mice and rats.
  • C. Ore is owls. Owls are all. I see you, even in the dark. Hoo, hoo, I am coming my feathered brothers.
  • D. Why is this company running so inefficiently? They should use Process Owl. I would fire the employees.
  • E. It doesn't matter. All we are my friend, is owls in the wind.

Wear this shirt: To class the day you cover the Quadratic Equation.

Don't wear this shirt: If you're confused about what it is because owls don't actually represent variables very well.

This shirt tells the world: "It's because 'owl' sort of sounds like 'al.'"

We call this color: Owlive. See? We can do it, too.